Past results are not guarantees of future outcomes.
Every case is unique and has its own set of facts and circumstances. Only a competent criminal defense practitioner was effectively advise you of your rights and the strength of the case against you.

Our client was charged with Robbery in the Second Degree, with a maximum sentence of fifteen (15) years incarceration. Our client was also on probation at the time of the arrest. After presenting alibi evidence to the prosecutor all charges were dismissed.

Our client was charged with Assault in the Third Degree for a fight that occurred in Central Park. The complaining witness said he had $10,000 of dental damage from the fight. The government produced three eyewitnesses to the incident and medical records of injuries. We produced witnesses to prove my client’s self-defense. After a jury trial, our client was found not guilty of all charges.

We represented a dentist on charges that he assaulted a patient. Our client’s professional license was at stake and we went to trial. Before a judge, our client was found not guilty of all charges.

A television executive from Philadelphia came to New York City and brought her loaded gun by accident in her pocketbook. She had a gun license in Pennsylvania but not in New York. The police found the pocketbook and charged our client with felony gun possession. We successfully negotiated a violation infraction, with no criminal record, and a small fine.

We represented two separate clients who each had four DUI arrests. The DA on each case wanted them to get upstate jail time. We negotiated alcohol treatment and they did not go to jail.

Our client was part of a multi-state prostitution ring that involved laundering millions of dollars over several years. Our client faced decades in federal prison. After negotiations with the government and arguing before a federal judge we successfully obtained a sentence of “time served” and she was released from custody.

We represented a licensed security guard who was charged with assaulting a New York City Police Officer. His license was in the balance and a misdemeanor conviction would cause him to lose his job. We negotiated a violation infraction and he kept his license and security guard position.

Our client was charged with involvement in a school stabbing where the complainant suffered a punctured lung. Our client faced twenty-five (25) years in prison. We negotiated youthful offender treatment, which is not a criminal conviction, and probation. Our client never did a day in jail.